Specializing in cable, internet, and telephone installation services across the United States, Cable to the Max is built on a foundation of hard work, strong relationships, and exceptional technician services.

About Cable To The Max

Cable to the Max was founded in 2016 by Max Frise, a former cable technician with over ten years of installation experience. After leaving the field, Max hired and developed his own team of cable technicians and supervisors under the core values of hard work, strong relationships, and exceptional service on which the company operates today.


Building on CTTM’s continued growth, Max and his team of regional supervisors remain committed to developing and strengthening nationwide opportunities.

Our Team

Max Frise

Founder and CEO

Austin, TX

CTTM Team Members – 7

Pauline Frise

HR/Office Manager

Austin, TX

CTTM Team Members – 10

John Mitchum

Hiring Manager

Philadelphia, PA

CTTM Team Members – 4

John Frise

Director of Operations

Austin, TX

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